Graphic Outlines

Innovative designs for national and international businesses; Experienced across online and offline communication; Engaging graphic design solutions for unique requirements

  • Coworking

    Coworking Report

    Report production for JLL Germany, identifying flexible workspace and modern office concepts.

  • advert


    Creation of an advert for the Soveign Shopping Centre.

  • JLL NY & LA


    Working with JLL to create a high-end leasing brochure marketing two exclusive locations in New York and Los Angeles.

  • JLL Food in Fashion


    Creating bespoke illustrations for JLL's Food in Fashion event at MAPIC 2015.

  • JLL report layout

    Research report

    Destination Europe 2015 tracks international retailers’ expansion strategies across Europe. Part of the series is Destination Nordics (2015) and Destination Retail (2016).

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  • interactive brochure

    Interactive Brochure

    Design of interactive investment brochure for the Travelodge Hotel at Gatwick airport.

  • BCRetail identity

    Corporate Identity

    Developing a new corporate identity and webdesign for well established property firm BC Retail.

  • Website


    Webdesign for surveying company AHBN LLP.

  • luxuryHS

    Awarded Design

    The JLL EMEA Luxury High Street brochure was winner of the Immobilien Manager Award 2012 (Germany) in the category communication.

  • FawcettMead poster

    Fawcett Mead

    Engaging marketing for awarded surveying company Fawcett Mead.

  • infographic


    Design of an infographic for JLL.


    London Hotels

    Design of The London Hotel Development Monitor for JLL and London & Partners. (2016 & 2017)

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  • jacksoncriss


    Webdesign for Jackson Criss Property Consultancy.

  • LLQ brochure

    London Luxury Quarter

    Brochure for JLL, New West End Company and Heart of London (2014 & 2015 Editions).

  • The International Logo


    Design of logo and merchindise for The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark.

  • Foodtrends


    Design of a book to illustrate foodtrends (edition 2016 & 2017).


Graphic Outlines is based in London & Berlin and proud to work with a broad base of clients, offering innovative and high quality design solutions.

The origin of the business stemmed from the UK commercial property industry and built upon lasting relationships with key influencers of the market. Graphic Outlines quickly established itself through word of mouth since 2009 and now works regularly for international corporations on cross border European projects. Success from the commercial property industry has awarded the company with new clients including retailers, lifestyle and leisure clubs and independent professional consultancies.

Today, Graphic Outlines strives to diversify and build long and successful relationships with national and international organisations of all shapes and sizes and from different industries. With a robust understanding of the UK Retail Market, as well as knowledge and experience in the creative field, Graphic Outlines works seamlessly for key stakeholders in the business, often meeting tight deadlines and challenging budget requirements.




Juliane Brandt

I believe that the details make a design stand out and passion thrives a business.

My determination and creative passion inspired me to set up my own company, Graphic Outlines, in 2009. Prior to this I have enhanced my skills through practical experience in the form of employment and university studies.

  • 2002 – Visual Design course, FHTW Berlin
  • 2002 – Design Agency Stegschuster & Partner, Berlin
  • 2006 – BA First Class Honours in Multimedia & Design, London Metropolitan University
  • 2006 – Churston Heard, UK Retail Property Specialists (acquired by JLL in 2008)
  • 2008 – MA Distinction in Graphic Design, University of the Arts

I enjoy exploring new and creative routes with both existing and new clients, as well as getting to know them. I thrive to meet every client in person regularly and therefore travel frequently between my offices in Berlin and London.


Designer/Client Relationship: The following terms & conditions are according to the AIGA Standard


The Designer agrees to provide all the services outlined in the attached estimate/proposal within the criteria specified. If, however, the client changes any of the criteria during the project requiring additional services, a revision fee will be charged.

Additional services will include, but are not limited to, changes in the extent of work, changes in schedule, changes in the complexity of any elements of the project, and any changes made after client approval has been given for a specific stage of the project according to the agreed-upon schedule, including concept, design, composition, and production of mechanicals.

The Designer will keep the Client informed of additional services that are required and obtain the Client’s approval for any services that cause the total fees to exceed those outlined in the attached estimate/proposal.

Schedules/Overtime/Rush Work

The Designer reserves the right to adjust the schedule and/or charge additionally in the event that the Client fails to meet the agreed-upon deadlines for delivery of information, materials, approvals, payments, and for changes and additions to the services outlined in the estimate/proposal.

Client Approval

The Client will approve and proofread all final designs and type before the production of mechanicals. The Client’s approval of all tangible materials and artwork will be assumed after the work has been submitted to the client for review, unless the client indicates otherwise in writing.


All tangible materials in all circumstances remain the property of the Designer. All rights and ownership apply to preliminary concepts, works in progress, and finished material, whether the project is completed or canceled. The Client will be entitled to limited and specific usage rights of such materials only for the purpose of reproduction, after which all materials will be returned, unaltered, to the Designer within thirty days of use.

Upon payment of all fees and expenses, the Designer will grant all reproduction and/ or usage rights, as outlined in the attached estimate/proposal, for all approved final materials created by the Designer for this project.

If the Client wishes to make any additional use of the materials, the Client agrees to seek permission from the Designer and make such payments as are approved by the parties at that time. Where alterations or retakes are necessary, the Designer will be given the opportunity to make such changes at an agreed additional charge.

Electronic Files

If the Client has requirements for how the project is to be prepared electronically, the Client must communicate this to the Designer before the project begins. Electronic files and software documents related to the Client’s project are the property of the Designer and must not be copied, altered, or modified without the written permission of the Designer.

Reimbursable Expenses

Any budget figures or estimates for reimbursable expenses or implementation charges, such as out-of-pocket expenses, typesetting, printing, fabrication, or installation, are for planning purposes only. The Designer will use his or her best efforts to work within stated budgets but will not be liable if these expenses exceed budgets. When possible, no expenses in excess of the budget will be incurred without the Client’s written or initialed approval in advance.

The Client will reimburse the Designer for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Designer on this project. These expenses are listed in the attached estimate/proposal and will be billed at cost plus any surcharge indicated in the attached estimate/proposal for account handling and supervision. Upon the Client’s request at the start of the project, records for out-of-pocket expenses will be retained by the Designer and will be made available to the Client upon completion of the project.


The Designer will have the right to include a published credit line on the completed designs or any visual representation. This same credit will be included in any publication of the design by the Client.


The Client will provide the Designer with samples of each printed or manufactured design. These samples will represent the highest quality of work produced.

Payment Schedule

Upon approval of this document, the Client will make all payment installments, as scheduled and outlined in our estimate/proposal. The Client will pay interest on all overdue amounts not exceeding the maximum amount allowed by law.

Third-Party Contracts

The Designer may contract with other individuals or companies acting on behalf of the Client to provide additional services such as writing, photography, illustration, printing, and fabrication. The Client agrees to be bound by any terms and conditions, including required credits and usage rights, with respect to reproduction of the materials that may be imposed on the Designer by these third parties.


In the event of cancellation of this assignment, a cancellation fee will be paid by the Client and will include full payment for all work completed, expenses incurred, and hours expended. The cancellation fee will be based on the prices outlined in the estimate/proposal. Any initial payments that have been received will be credited against any amounts due.


This document and the attached estimate/proposal represent the entire agreement between the Client and the Designer and may be changed or modified only in writing and with the approval of both parties.

The Client and the Designer represent that they have full power and authority to enter into this agreement and that it is binding upon the Client and Designer and enforceable in accordance with its terms.

This Agreement will be governed by the law of the state in which the Designer’s principal place of business is located.

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